Thursday, March 12, 2009


What is a blog? (this is a blog!)
  • blog is short for a web log or diary consisting of posts
  • it is linear - the most recent post is at the top of the page
  • older posts are archived usually monthly and are easily accessed
  • the posts can have tags or labels for easy searching
  • it is interactive - readers can comment on the posts
  • it is easy to create from customisable templates - no knowledge of HTML needed

Features of blogs in general
  • easy to use, attractive, colourful
  • immediate update
  • enable communication across the world
  • private or public
  • can upload other files eg photos, audio
  • can embed widgets and other tools like voki
  • can have links to other sites
  • tags for easy searching
  • record of all previous posts in archive
  • can be translated into other languages
  • readers can subscribe to the blog
  • readers can access at any time - could be homework

Some reasons for using a blog in education
A blog can be :
  • a diary of a school trip
  • a showcase of pupils' work
  • a reflective blog for teachers (see the blog roll in the side panel)
  • a learning log
  • for an audience of pupils, other classes, parents
  • peer assessment: 2 star and a wish in comments
  • a record of work, useful for absentees

A blog can have one or many contributors
  • all pupils in a class
  • several teachers
  • another school

Comments can be moderated ie you can read and decide whether or not to approve - good if pupils are commenting

There are many blog creation sites: including
  • free and easy
  • free, for education, more features, more complex
  • monthly charge

This blog has been created in which is simple and straightforward to use 
The principle is the same for all blogs - some have more features.
See the post creating your own blog in blogger for how to do it!


  1. Links to some p7 pupil blogs

  2. Thank you very much Kay for the CPD sessions.
    I found them very stimulating.
    I am also glad the technology did not let us down



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