Thursday, March 12, 2009

creating your own blog in blogger

Create a google account -
User name will be your email adress. 
Be sure to note your log in and password!!

Blogger blogs have a URL that starts http://
eg this one is htttp:// and readers access it that way. 
When you want to add a post you need to log in via and click on Dashboard

Choose a URL for your blog. This can't be changed afterwards so think carefully.
You can change everything else so don't worry too much about other decisions.

You can write a bit about yourself in Profile
(Dashboard> Edit Profile)

You need to choose a Template - you can change it later.

Go to Settings > Format to set the Time Zone to GMT otherwise it will look like you are posting at 3am!

To make your first post go to Posting > Create
Give your post a title eg Welcome

Type your post. You can use the buttons to change font, size, make bold
Add a picture or a hyperlink. You probably dont need to change font colours etc as they are part of your template.

You can Preview your post at any time. when finished you have 2 choices: Save - will keep it as a draft or Publish which will make it visible. You can always go back and edit it afterwards. Publish again to save the changes. 

A word about saving as a draft. When you come to publish it it will publish with the date stamp of the draft which may be some weeks ago. Click on Post Options to change the date stamp.

Blogger has lots of online help including videos

or click on help 

One feature blogger does not have (at the moment, anyway) is the ability to embed a sound file. If you think you will want to upload sound files you would be better with eg
Otherwise you can put a link to a sound file, if you have somewhere to upload it to.
Or there is a work-around described in this blogpost

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